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Below you find a list of useful links that will help you prepare for your trip to Vienna, Zagreb and Sarajevo.

You can also download our list of Suggested Activities, Tips and Tricks, and Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurants on the right-hand side!

Download PDF: Suggested Activities, Tips and Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants in Vienna and Sarajevo

Sarajevo Suggested Activities.pdf 

Sarajevo Blogs

Sarajevo Funky Tours: Sarajevo Funky Tours is created to bring you greatest sightseeing experience, amazing activities & things to do in and around Sarajevo and rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Six Things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A blog entry on six things you shouldn't miss!

Things To Do in Sarajevo: A "Fun Things To Do in Sarajevo" List.


Spotted by Locals: Experience Vienna like a local

Austrian Adaptation: An Aussie girls perspective on living in Austria

Local Life: Vienna Life. Vienna Travel Guide.

Life consists of eating and some hours in between: a blogger's favorite cafes and restaurants in Vienna

Fun Facts: 10 Things You Should Know about Vienna (and other interesting facts)

6 places you must visit when in Vienna: a travel photography blog

Article – Vienna has the best quality of life